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This is where the mundane turns into Magic & where Wellness is Reimagined

True Self Empowerment Comes from Wellness Within & Without.

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Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing Session at CMS20 Online: Cultured Meat Symposium. Video is available right here:


Kundalini Workshop & Ceremony Recordings are available upon request. Please email

Are you ready for MPower Challenges?

MPower Wellness Challenge

Here are 3 simple and yet transformative exercises we can do to clear and activate our energies so that we can shift how we feel for the better. These practices and techniques are often integrated into Kundalini and Meditation sessions. Please see Services tab for more details about each of the offerings.

#MPowerChallenge #1

#mpowerchallenge #1 Sattva Yoga Energy Clearing Exercise. This technique was was initially taught to me by Ananda Das.



#MPowerChallenge #2

This is an energy clearing techniques with vocalization, which helps with releasing tension and stress. This practice was original taught to me by Helane M. Anderson who is the founder of SacralSounds LA.


#MPowerChallenge #3

This is a powerful exercise for releasing frustration and anger. It uses the mantra “HAR” to invoke presence of divine source energy and ferociousness in us. This techniques was also originally taught to me by Ananda Yogiji.


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