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MPowered Rapidfire Ideation


We all have an aspect of us that is ingenious and wise beyond words can describe. However, we are often cut off from the creative flow with stress, worries and fear that prevent us from tuning into our innate abilities and accessing our higher states of consciousness

Having experienced the accelerated and elevated ways of ideation which including channeling new product ideas, poems, and music, I am called to create an online container for us to enhance our focus, boost our creativity and productivity.

Through collectively ideating and sharing, brainstorming and rapid firing of ideas and concepts can be accelerated. For each group session, what comes through as discussion topics will always naturally be what we need to receive at the time. Topics can range from solving business challenges i.e. product ideas to marketing strategies to discussions about self care, health and wellness.

One hour session will begin with a tailored guided meditation (~30 minutes). This is then followed by a round of moderated 7 minute rapid ideation session, a 4 minute prioritization session and 7 minutes of execution planning. At the end of each session, there will be time for sharing what came through, possible idea add ons and Q&A. The length of sessions can be tailored to group size and discussion needs.

Join me to reimagine and realize the impossible together.


Pricing Options are Tailored to Individual and Group Needs. Please contact or Book a Consultation for more information.