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Integrative Kundalini Yoga

Yoga – A Unification Practice

The word yoga has its etymology tracing back to the Sanskrit noun योग, with the root word yuj (युज्) meaning “to attach, join, harness, yoke”. In the context of yoga sutras, the word Yoga means Union. In essence, yoga is the practice that unifies our mind, body, and spirit. We can achieve heightened states of peace, harmony and balance when our consciousness expand and we experience oneness and a sense of deep connection with everything and everyone around us.

The yoga practice offered at MPower Wellness has its roots in kundalini yoga along with integrations from kriya yoga, sattva yoga, intuitive energy healing and sound healing.Through asanas/posture, pranayama/breathing exercises, mantra chanting and meditation, all aspects of our physical, mental and energetic bodies are brought into balance to allow deep relaxation, energy restoration, and optimal functioning. The techniques that are shared during our practice session will also help to build a strong immune system, enhance circulation, mental clarity, remove fears, release stress and break unwanted habits and thought patterns so that we can reach our highest levels of productivity, creativity, health and wellness.